My Baby Heartbeat Monitor App Reviews

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I love it

I love it I am able to hear our baby . but it does take a bit to find the heartbeat.


Love it, this was one of those things where I could not help myself but to try it. I first tried it on myself and found my heartbeat with ease, then I tried on my baby. It took a couple of minutes to locate the heart, and now I can’t stop using it. Amazing!!!

Pretty good

This worked for me, but it took a long time to learn how to use it. You guys should improve your “Need help” section. I had to contact your support to really learn how it works and how to use it

A waste

Don’t bother it’s a waste of money! I should’ve read more of the reviews before purchasing.

Worked Great.

Worked Great. I found the baby's heartbeat very quickly. I am 13 weeks and 2 days a long. I also found my own heart beat. There was a lot of static but it still worked great for me!

This is awesome

It was pretty cool​ My boyfriend and i were just messing around and he cried when he heard the baby. This is awesome

Doesn’t work

Does not work!! Don’t waste the money just sounds like static only time I hear heartbeat is when I hold the phone in the air! Not even on my stomach!!!

We love this app!!!

We love this app!!! I found out about it and simply had to download it for my wife to try it out. At first we got spooked by the other reviews, and got even more spooked when we didn’t find the heartbeat the first 2 tries. My girlfriend found a review where someone said they had to find the heartbeat because the baby keeps moving around. Right away we tried it again, AND THERE IT WAS!It worked. I had the urge to share this with everyone.

Stephan King movie or Hoax?

I tried this app right now (8 weeks pregnant), and couldn’t really come up with a clear heart beat that I believe was the babies. I got almost the same noise when I put it on my husband’s stomach. And then my couch apparently has some explaining to do because I placed the phone on there, and the app was still making noises 🤣

I love it

I’m only ten weeks pregnant and I can already hear my babies heart beat , it’s really loud lols I’m in love with this app , I can’t stop listening ❤️

Doesn’t work

18.5 wks doesn’t work- all white noise and static


This does not work and I want my money back

Does not work

This app must be a joke. It does not work, I get the same heartbeat no matter where I put the microphone. Finger, toes, leg even my nose... Don’t use this app...

Wasted 4.99

The app doesn’t work, I’m 25 weeks and couldn’t find a heart beat. Would love my money back.

Never got this app to work.


Not worth it

Been trying to use this app since I was about 18 weeks and I can hear my own heartbeat but throughout the entire pregnancy I could not hear my baby’s heartbeat. I am 40 weeks and overdue and STILL have not heard my baby’s heartbeat on this thing. Don’t waste your time with this app.

Total waste of money.

Title says it all.

Now I think it could be fake.

It took about an hour of searching and frustration but I found the heart beat at 13 weeks. It was clear and I tried it on other places of my body and didn't get a recorded beat like some say in their reviews. It even played my heart beat. The next day though, it did play the baby heart beat Sound clearly when I put it on other areas of my belly. Very disappointed.

Does not work.

I have had this app since my mom was 25 weeks pregnant and I have read the instructions a million times. But yet we have never been able to get anything other than static on the recording.


You can place the mic on any object and get a heartbeat 😒 this is a scam SAVE YOUR MONEY! ! !

The Worst

Quite possibly the worst $5 I’ve ever spent. Doesn’t work at all.

Please do not waste your time

I was really excited to try this app. I purchased it around 26 weeks. I didn’t hear anything but white noise. No problem, I’m probably not far enough along yet. I’m 34 weeks now and still nothing but white noise. I would not recommend. This app is a complete waste. I can’t even give it any stars because it flat out doesn’t work at all.

Don’t buy!

Sounds like muffled static. I have an actual fetal Doppler and it actually works. It takes time to find the heartbeat with it but it works. This is a joke. It’s a microphone. There is no possible way it could pick up your baby’s heartbeat.

BS App

If you want to play a baby trap joke on somebody this is a great app. If you think you’re listening to your baby’s heartbeat it’s total BS. Same heartbeat placed anywhere on your body.

If I could give negative stars I would.

I too put it to my bf’s stomach and heard a heartbeat. Complete BS I want my money back

Don’t waste your money!!!

This app is complete garbage, 5 Dollars for nothing, I wrote several times for my money back and nothing happened, so I hope NO MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE buy this horrible app.

You people should be put in prison

I am writing this review for my girlfriend because she is currently hysterical. Every night we used this app to hear our sons heartbeat and tonight I decided as a joke to put the “heart monitor app” on my stomach assuming I would hear nothing. I hear the same exact “heartbeat” we have been listening to as peace of mind for weeks. Whoever developed this piece of garbage has a lawsuit coming their way. We should have read the reviews before getting this app as it is too good to be true. Clearly whoever and wherever you put the phone while using the app on will just give you a heartbeat sound. It’s not real and it messes with people’s emotions. Thank you guys for developing this and causing us complete heart ache.

Love it

It does work ! As soon as I put the phone near my belly there was her heart.! I’m obsessed now. Love this app thank you

Great app

I can hear my baby heartbeat clearly

Had me fooled

So......thought this was a great app. Sent the heartbeat to the Dad and all my family members. Was so happy as I had miscarried twice and to hear this was so amazing. Been taking the heartbeat for over an hour on and off. I did read some reviews and many were positive. I continued to read reviews after and read one that said you can put it anywhere on your skin and get the same beat. So I tried and of course it was correct. Very very upsetting. Don't waste your five bucks

Sorry but it doesn't work

I'have been trying for more than a week and so far I think I listen the baby's heart once, but I'm not sure... The microphone it's noisy and when you record it it's not easy to share as an audio, it is a link that then it's imposible to open. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and my belly doesn't have a lot of fat so is just the app is not what they described and what you expecting.


Do not waist your money , the voice is prerecorded already .. spam ..

Love this app

I’m very happy with this app. I’m 7 weeks along and was able to hear my baby’s heart beat. I was so amazed. I tried the app on myself and husband, i was able to hear the difference.


As a first time mommy one gets a feeling of uncertainty and is always on edge. This app has given me great peace of mind. Absolutely love it!


If you put it on any bare skin on your body you will hear the same thing that does sound like a heartbeat. We placed on my husbands stomach and he must have a baby too because we heard a heartbeat. It’s disgusting that someone would take people money and rip them off with such a thing!

Only worked once

I'm 30 weeks and so far I've only found my baby's heartbeat and it was for only 3 seconds! The rest is just noise constantly. Really disappointed.

Really works!

I love this app!

It works!

I was skeptical at first but I can hear him!

Doesn’t work

I tried all the way up until the end of my pregnancy. Waste of money.

Amazing! Best App Ever!

I bought two apps. When I first tried this one I couldn't find the heart beat so I thought it was either not strong enough (I'm only 12wks 3days) or that it just didn't work. I waited a few hours and tried again before bed. Found the baby on the first try!! I know it wasn't mine because I found mine after I recorded baby's and mine sounds much slower. This is the best app ever and gives me such peace of mind! Thank you!!!


At first I didn’t think this app would even be genuine. I initially tried it laying down in bed with my very loud fan on, lol, I was unsuccessful. I then went into the bathroom, placed the phone very low ( I have an inverted uterus) and heard his heart beat beautifully!!!!!!!!! My husband works out of town and he was ecstatic to hear his son! This is amazing, thank you😍

Requested my money back

This is the first app review I have ever written and I am writing because I think this is a waste of money. So disappointing.


Basically anywhere on your body that you hold this will pick up the sound of a "heartbeat". Sick to prey on the worry of new mothers with this scam app.

Seems to work

Everyone has their own opinion on whether or not this app works but I have tested it and from what I can tell it works! I am 14 weeks 1 day and i got a clear recording. Just make sure your volume is turned all the way up and the room is quiet. I don't see how it could be a recording because I have a heart murmur and I can hear the difference in my beat and my boyfriends and the baby's.

Don’t buy

Doesn’t work. Waste of money.

It's bogus

This app does not work. Requested money back. Dont waste ur money.

It works!


Baby heart

I thought this app was going to be like all the rest and not work, but it’s not! It works great!! Just be patient, move around and you’ll hear your babies heart beat!!

It is real!

I just tried it on all my family heartbeats (my kids) every single one is different. I even recorded my baby's heartbeat and sent it to my husband. I'm 17 weeks and found the heartbeat right away even though my baby wouldn't stay still long enough for a full recording lol. I just had a slushie lol 😂 cool app

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