Baby Heartbeat Monitor - Prenatal Listener App Reviews

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Only worked once

I'm 23 weeks and so far I've only found my baby's heartbeat and it was for only 3 seconds! The rest is just noise constantly.

Too good

I hear the heart best. How do I know if it's my or my baby's heartbeat though?


Doesn't work. Tried at 17 weeks and was told to try again 20 plus weeks pregnant, still nothing.

I like it

I found my baby's heart beat! Music to my ears

Best app

First time I tried it worked took my heart away to hear the heart beat

My baby's heart beat is NOT fake

I read some reviews before deciding to post my own. It is true that this app is very sensitive to picking up any noises produced in a human body, how else is it supposed to pick up a fetal heart beat in a sac filled with amniotic fluid and surrounded by muscle? I bought the app before I knew it would pick up a beat, even tried it and failed to hear anything. Waited till almost 25 weeks and was very patient to my moving baby, after a couple minutes and following directions I picked up a strong heart beat and now have it recorded, posted on FB and texted to my partner. I think consumers want instant gratification and have unrealistic expectations which is their own demise, this is a wonderful app and definitely worth the purchase.

False hope

I love listening to my baby heartbeat every doctors visit trying to find a way to listen to it at home & this is not the answer !! You can literally put this on the wall & pick up a "heartbeat" I need a refund !!!

This is a distressing app, don't buy.

Where unborn babies are concerned, I cannot believe anyone would so reckless as to release this app. It's clearly a prerecorded beat- sounds the same no matter where you put it on yourself (literally played the sound when I held it to my cheek). Shame on you, women use this when they're scared. What if you were to give someone false security? Seems like grounds for a lawsuit to me.

Great app to listen to baby!

I initially thought this app didn't work but I think I was trying to use it too early. I waited a couple of weeks (I am now 26 weeks) and have been able to find and record my baby's heartbeat on several occasions. You do have to make sure you are in a quiet room with no background noise but after a little moving around it picks up a very clear beat. I also like that I can send the recordings to my husband at work. I definitely recommend the app.

Doesn't work.

It picks up the same rhythm for me, husband, everything. Must be recorded. How can I get a refund please?

Doesn't work!

This app does not show you your baby's heart beat. It is probably a prerecorded sound bite that plays when your phone speaker is covered. Held it to my belly and it seemed to work, then out of curiosity to see if it was legit made my husband hold it up to his skin and it played the same sound. Don't waste your money.

0 stars

Put it close to your mans stomach... it does the exact same thing!! Refund please

Jury Is Still Out

App seems to work fine for me. It's actually amazing. Found my own heart beat and also my pulse. The heartbeat where the baby should be is still out for judgement it seems to be legit but a little sketchy thank you for enabling the record feature it was not working properly before the update.


Really disappointed. At first it seemed like it worked but I was then able to pick up a "heartbeat" while holding the phone to my hand. Refund please?

Zero stars. Fake.

Doesn't work. It's too soon to hear my baby (only 11 weeks) but I bought for the future..picked up a heart beat that was "mine" yet it did not sync with my pulse and WAY slower than a baby's heart beat. Pulled it off by belly and the heart beat was still going....fake.


Confused if I'm hearing me or the baby lol

I didn't know I was pregnant...

I never dreamed this would happen to me. About a week ago I felt flutters in my abdomen. I thought at first, I can't be pregnant. I've tested negative and have been having periods the whole time. The only time I could've conceived was about 18 weeks ago. Well, I tried a couple other apps and they sucked. I tried this app just now and picked up a heartbeat way faster than mine. I figured it out and it's about 138bps. I got a heartbeat several times and even got up and walked around and still got a heartbeat. Thank you so much! I will be making a doctor appointment to confirm. This app is awesome and I will recommend!!

I love this

I cried when I used it it really works and I'm obsessed with it now❤️❤️❤️💕


My App worked great for me, now since this update it won't load and let me record anything. Starting to become pointless & I may delete it.

This actually works!!!

Best app you can buy I'm happy and you can actually hear your baby's heart beat ❤️ wonderful


Seriously love this app. Worked surprisingly well for me, heartbeat is clear and loud. week24

Good app

Perfect app, best investment in a while. Took me a while to hear the heartbeat, but once you get used to it you cannot stop listening.

Not so sure it works

Sometimes I hear a heartbeat but mostly I think I'm hearing mine not Baby's


It makes the same sound no matter what surface you hold the microphone up to.

Not worth it

It did not pick up my baby's heartbeat or even my own. The sound is the same whether you hold it in the air or on your belly. Waste of money.

Umm. No!

Don't waste your money. 5$ and change after taxes and it's garbage. I can't pick up mine, my older kids or the baby's heartbeat... sounds loud and muffled. Not worth it


Doesn't work.

Waste of money

I just purchased this app and am definitely regretting it. Not only did it not pick up my babies heartbeat, (which is frightening as a mother-to-be), but I tested my own heartbeat and it didn't record either. It sounds the same on your belly as it does in the air.

This really deserves no stars

Waste of money, should of known better. Doesn't pick up baby or your own heartbeat. Same sound when you have it in the air vs on ur belly.

Does not work!!!

Im this is a waste of money, don't buy

Don't waste your money

This does not work, don't waste your money. It didn't even pick my heartbeat let alone my baby's. Waste of $$

Excellent app!

Used this app today and I was blown away. It is awesome. Directions in app are really simple and clear. It was really easy to find heartbeat. This is really emotional experience. Love it!


Don't waste your money doesn't work! Wish I could get my money back for this and go buy me a bag of chips instead!


I was amazed that this app actually worked. I started using it at 31 weeks and I hear her heartbeat! Heartbeat recording is really clear. Great app!


Best thing ever. All examples sound were like white noise to me and the real recordings sounds much better. I also like the fact that it is free.

Not working

This app is not working for me. I can hear my own heart beat and it doesn't even measure how fast the heart is going. You just hear the sound! Not worth $4.99. I want my money back!


Very simple and easy to use, quality sound


only at week 24 and the hb is clearly there. best 5 bucks ever spent

Awesome app for prenatal listening!!!

I am 25 weeks and have downloaded this app and several others and managed to pick up the heartbeat after a few minutes! It took some time to find it but then the sound was clear and was able to record the hb. This one is among more expensive ones, but worth the 5 bucks.

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